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the loony bin
17th-Jan-2013 01:17 pm - [sticky post] (no subject)

ώεlсøṃε τø τhε løøṉÿ вïṉ

i will be your keeper, feel free to call me haze

i have lived on this planet for 20 years, i stan mostly shinee and infinite and occasionally write fanfiction
i like things and people and i solemnly swear i am up to no good

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12th-Mar-2014 10:58 am - ~dun dun dun~
this is an indefinite bye-bye!

as some of you have maybe noticed, i haven't posted/written anything new for months now and due to personal reasons, i probably will not be able to for a while. who knows, i may be back one day, hoping to entertain you with badly written homoerotic fiction, but for now, i feel incapable of doing so.

i would also like to apologize for all the links still not working on my ficlist. even though i promised to edit and repost all those old fics, i never got around to do it. :c

maybe one day.

until then, i hope you're all doing good and are healthy and as happy as fangirls living accross the world from their idols can be. ;)
thank you for all the support you've given me throughout my fiction-writing days.
6th-Sep-2013 07:56 am(no subject)
Title: Obscuration (or, The Fine Art Of Seeing) 2/3

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6th-Sep-2013 07:53 am(no subject)
Title: Obscuration (or, The Fine Art Of Seeing) 1/3
Pairings: Myungsoo/Sungjong, onesided!Hoya/Sungjong & Myungsoo/Sungyeol, Hoya/Dongwoo
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: implied drug abuse, OOC
W/c: 25k

Summary: Sungjong sees too much yet knows too little, and Myungsoo’s a living, breathing manga character. It’s a mess of unwanted feelings, decisions and illegal substances but at least they get a happy ending.

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10th-Jun-2013 11:03 pm - Wingman
Pairing: Jonghyun/Taemin, Kibum/Taemin
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jonghyun was waiting. No, that wasn’t it. Kibum was waiting.

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3rd-Feb-2013 10:10 pm(no subject)
Loud (repost)
Pairing: Kibum/Taemin, slight Taemin/OFC
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Two teenagers - one struggling to fit in, the other finding his own way.

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3rd-Feb-2013 08:22 pm(no subject)
lolita (repost)
pairing: lu han/sehun
rating: r
summary: a lazy afternoon on an old rocking chair.

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3rd-Feb-2013 02:38 pm(no subject)
Remember when? (repost)
Pairing: Jonghyun/Taemin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Coming home after three long years, Jonghyun realizes that everything has changed.

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